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Top Tips To Maintain Steak Knives

Top Tips To Maintain Steak Knives
Everything that is not taken proper care of deteriorates over time. It maybe a surprising, but cutlery needs to be properly maintained too so it does not easily get rusty and lasts longer. Metal can turn delicate too; if you are not taking care of your cutlery properly then they will lose their integrity and turn dull over time.

If you are someone who loves meat and barbecues then surely you own steak knives. The great thing about them is their cutting capabilities and how easily they can cut into all sorts of meat. A meat lover will always own good quality steak knives and you should know how to properly take care of them so they don’t lose their lustre over time.

What to look for in a good steak knife?
Material: Stainless steel is your best bet for a steak knife. Don’t compromise on the quality of material used
Balance: This is important as you need to see if the knife is comfortable to hold and pick up, a heavy knife will create problems for you and be a hazard
Sharpness: A good knife is known by its sharpness, that’s what helps cut the meat and bones. A sharp knife can be cut your steak for life
Here are a few tips to help you care for your knives in the best possible way.
Sharpen them on a regular basis
The essence of a good steak knife lies in the way it cuts a piece of meat. Improper sharpening techniques can make your knives brittle so you need to ensure that the tool you are using to sharpen your knife is made from iron. Don’t overdo it and research on proper techniques before you start doing it.
Avoid using the dishwasher
Yes, using a dishwasher is definitely the easier option but washing knives with your hands is gentle on the metal. It ensures the cutting edge retention of your knife and increases its lifespan.
Wash them properly
Once you’ve gently washed the knives with your hands, be sure to dry them immediately. If you let water sit on the knife for too long, then there is a probability of rust accumulating on its edges. Rust causes health problems as well so you need to ensure you wash and dry them with a cloth immediately.
Store them with care
Don’t keep them lose in the drawer like that, too much cutlery coming in contact with each other can make your knives lose their lustre in the long run. Invest in a knife block and use that to store your knives. It is more convenient, as you can easily access your knives plus it saves them from wear and tear!
Who knew even cutlery would need so much care? But it does, and if you want your knives to remain durable and maintain their integrity throughout their lifespan then you need to play a part in making sure they stay nice and clean to use.

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