J&V Knives review

Who are J&V Knives?,

While some of you will know first hand the brand J&V Knives others may not be quite as familiar with one of the powerhouses of Spanish knife manufacturing for the last 70 plus years, so a little background. J&V Knives your adventure begins here.

Under the umbrella of the manufacturer  Forester one of the most prestigious national and international factories is where you will find the J&V Knives brand. So what makes J&V stand out?, from what can be at times a quite similar style prevalent in Spanish manufacturing, a quick look though their product catalog gives the first indication, a vastly differing style of knife design, knives built first and foremost as a tool for a specific job often in full collaboration with survival and bush craft experts, working hunters along with military special forces and police, forestry groups and rescue survival groups.

Combining over 70 years of knife crafting experience with the most modern of production techniques such as cryogenic tempering, luminescent materials for the handle with custom designs from G-10, driven by a deep understanding of what is needed from a hunting knife, a survival knife, a bush craft knife hence the many collaborations with niche specialists.

Currently headed by Juan Martinez a fully licensed cutlery artisan, a true award winning artisan with over 20 awards to-date.

Among the best known J&V knives are knives like Axarquia, Hispanus, Gladius or Saurius, but above all these the Celtibero stands outs (named the best survival knife by the specialized press back in 2010)

All these designs have been born from the minds of the talented crew of J&V and the exceptional collaboration with some of the best cutlery designers in the world.
Most of the J&V knives are made with steel MV-58, tempered with a special heat treatment that gives the optimum hardness of 58 HRc.

Nevertheless, J&V also make their knives in other high quality steels such as Böhler N690Co, 1095, Sandvick 12c27, etc. J&V Adventure Knives has become one of the truly global powerhouses of knife production, highly valued by both retailers and users. J&V is very much to the forefront of global knife trends.


From J&V Knives themselves,


PREMIUM QUALITY: Our quality stands above everything, we do not stop until we reach the optimal result in our products. These quality standards can be also applied in terms of service, technical support and expert advice to every one of our clients.

HARD WORKING: We work hard, every day to keep improving our products offering our clients our absolute best in all aspects of knife production right through to you the end user.

DETAIL-ORIENTED: The success is the sum of many small efforts. We are aware of every tiny detail during the production process, we know what works and what does not, our products have been manufactured paying very close attention to every single detail.

SPECIALIZED CREW: This won’t be possible without the collaboration of our talented crew, our professional team of designers and knife production specialists complements with a skilled crew of, influencers, reviewers, photographers, etc.

TRUSTWORTHY: Our clients are our best friends and as such our client support is second to none, our dedicated employees are always happy to assist you with their know-how and experience in order to advise you. Now, some of our products features:


All our products are handmade by our expert craftsmen to the highest standard of artisanal work. More than 80% of the process  is handmade, making our knives a truly handcrafted knife.


Among our heat treatments you can find some of the latest innovations such as a vacuum treatment, salt treatment, oil tempering or even cryogenic treatment. We are always improving our materials and our crew is always digging on the cutlery world to find the best treatment to ensure always the maximum quality.


Our products are manufactured using topnotch steels such as MV-58, a special steel only used by us. With a special heat treatment that ensures our products always have 58 HRc, the optimal hardness to endure every task. On our steel catalogue you can find some other like 1095 Carbon steel, Sandvick 12c27, Böhler N690Co, etc.


Our handles are made using a wide range of materials, we can even customize our designs with a material used on another of our products. Our most common materials include natural materials such as woods (cocobolo wood, walnut wood, curly birch wood, olive wood, etc.) and different horns and stags (bullhorn, ram horn, deer stag antler, etc.) Among the synthetic materials we use a wide range of micartas, G-10, juma®, etc. All of them can be customized with exclusive patterns and designs.

Some of our process like laser cutting, CNC grinding and milling, etc. are made by machinery, however, most of our products are finished by our expert workers, that means more than 80% of the process of making our knives is handmade. That means we pay attention to every little tiny detail on our products since it is made by us, and not a machine, assuring we offer the maximum quality to our clients.

That’s why several well-known company from Germany and the US choose us to make their knives, they know no one else can compete with us on manufacturing their products at the required price with such a good quality.
We have been manufacturing knives and folding knives for almost every one of the biggest cutlery brands worldwide for more than 20 years, we have a vast experience on custom designing, private labeling and generic branding".


So now you have a better insight into the brand, below you can find some images of the more popular J&V models. Knives Ireland.