What is a rescue knife?.

Our folding tactical rescue knives are a great piece of kit for anyone working in the emergency services, handy 5 inch size when folded while open the length is 8 inches.


The notch at the top front of the rescue knife allows you by pulling back with your index finger to open the knife one handed ideal for those tricky situations. When using the knife one handed ensure your fingers are not covering the blade release cavity as it releases with force.

Solid steel structure with lightweight aluminum and industrial heavy duty plastic handles coupled with safety liner lock provide lasting durability and excellent weight balance while ensuring safety during use.

Built in Glass Breaker & Seat belt Cutter give quick access for emergency personnel in rescue situations, or to allow individuals to escape the vehicle if doors and or seat belts have become inoperable.

Safety Lock, built in liner lock mechanism secures the blade in place when fully open to prevent accidental injury from blade collapsing in on itself.

How to Close Blade, Position thumb on liner lock and press down. While still pushing on liner lock, use either hand to slightly push the blade in so it begins its folding motion. Remove thumb from liner lock and proceed to fully fold the blade all the way in.