Survival Gear Ireland

Survival Gear Ireland

survival gear Ireland

New survival gear line avaible now on Knives Ireland.

We don't just sell knives, we now also sell survival gear. From axes and ponchos to knives and canteens, from paracord to clothing we have you covered. We will be expanding this line greatly over the coming weeks so be sure to drop us a line if you would like to see a particular item stocked.

So just what is survival gear?,

Survival gear is basically your emergency kit unless your full time in the bush it would then be your everyday gear. Also a lot of cross over into hunting trip items with quartering axes, hunting knives, bush craft and survival knives , camo products, netting, wet gear and lighting.

If you find your self in a tough spot amidst some extreme conditions your gear is your fallback position.

So what should make up your survival gear kit?,

So to start with think of survival gear as absolutely necessary essential items to allow you to survive in the wild for an extended period of time for whatever reason, be it an emergency situation, a planned excursion or just caught out by the weather, this is what your gear has been designed to cope with.

Ideally your survival gear kit should contain the following, A map, compass, firesteel, blanket, lights (ideally head torch) don't forget to keep it charged / bring batteries, a good survival knife, a tarp and some water purification tablets which will give shelter and convert nearby water sources to drinking water.

Remember no matter what,  your provisions  should support your basic needs for food, water, and shelter, and protect you from exposure.