Pocket knives.

Pocket Knives just what are they good for.

Understandably, with the vast array of pocket knives available why buy one at all. the truth is that pocket knives are highly useful tools in a variety of circumstances. And an essential element of any hunting kit, fishing kit and tool box.

A reliable package opener
Arguably, at least on a personal level i invariably find that dealing with the vast array of packaging your likely to encounter in any given week, even more so if your running a business.

With your pocket knife around, you don’t have to start looking for a razor or sharp tool to unlock your packages. Simply bring out your pocket knife and get your package open with ease.

Fruit anyone?
Pocket knives are useful tools for slicing different fruits such as apples, orange, among others. For no particular reason, eating sliced apple or other fruits can have a specific pleasing effect. So rather than biting your fruit, you might try getting some tasty slices with your pocket knife.

Useful for removing a splinter
With something small and sharp like a pocket knife, removing a deeply embedded splinters can be a breeze. Spend any length of time outdoors your sure to pick up a splinter some where,

You can use your knife to free the pesky annoyance from the given digit, ensure that you sterilize the blade before removing a splinter with it.

While whittling is no longer prevalent like before, it remains as a brilliant means of crafting something with our bare hands, whiling away a few hours by the camp fire, there’s a lot to be said for the simple pleasures in life. As long as you have your pocket knife close by, you can craft something or just anything during your free time.

Many of our Knives Ireland pocket knives come with a seat belt cutter and emergency glass breaker built right into the handle, chances are you should never need to use these features but as my old Dad used to say better to have and not need than need and not have.


I personally am an avid collector of all types of pocket knives, i love the tactile feel of a quality pocket knife, the various blade actions and mechanisms, some are never used, some are just displayed, but i have quite a number that i use often and have served me well over the years, a corkscrew pocket knife just adds a sense of occasion to any bottle of wine. They make a great unique gift too.

Having a pocket knife becomes more a question of why not rather than why, of course the above is a far from exhaustive list of what your trusty little helper can do so please feel free to comment below, and above all things think safety, never allow minors use of your pocket knife, pocket knives will have various opening and closing styles and it is important to become comfortable with your knifes operation and to always handle with care and remember carefully the laws around carrying knives in public see here for more details on that.