OPENFIELD Hunting Knife Review

OPENFIELD Hunting Knife Review

OPENFIELD Hunting Knife Review

Easily a collection favorite the OPENFIELD hunting and survival knife from HYDRA is quite a knife. Even just looking at the knife you can tell straight away that this is really an upper echelon hunting knife and of course looks are not the be all and end all however in my  book it sure doesn't hurt.

So aside from the obvious aesthetic and for those of you who have never drooled over a lime green liner,


lets get into just what makes this knife so good.




There are many many knife manufacturers to whom its simply make as cheap as possible and sell as high as possible, often times you are invariably paying just for a brand name as opposed to any inherent qualities of design and material. Of course there are are a few to whom the finished knife must be the best of the best in every single detail, these makers and their knives become legend, HYDRA very much walk this path, in fact you could say they are leading the   way. From design, material and some of the most intense real world testing in the design faze coupled with the absolute passion to be the best bar none this is what gives this knife its pedigree.


The steel:


There is a reason why a Porsche costs more than a golf, the most advance materials versus industry standard materials would be one reason. So with this Openfield knife you get Niolox SB1 Cryogenic Stainless Steel,

Niolox is one of the top choices for hunting knives needing all the characteristics of a stainless steel but with the properties of a tool steel.
Niolox is a stain resistant tool with excellent edge holding and toughness. Niolox contains Niobium an excellent carbide former. Niolox has a typical work hardness range 58 - 63HRc. Niolox is a very fine grained steel wich aides it's edge stability but maintains D2 like wear resistance.


Cryogenic treatment is a metal treatment that strengthens and enhances the mechanical characteristics of metal materials by using cryogenic temperatures. Subjecting work pieces to temperatures below -190°C improves properties like wear resistance and stabilization.



 hunting knife


The blade:


Full tang of course which is to be expected in this price bracket, a hardness of

60-62 HRc means there is nothing on your hunting trip that this knife cannot handle. Exposed blade length 125mm with a blade thickness of 5.2mm and a width of 32mm gives a very sturdy blade that is adept in a variety of environments.

A hollow grind, satin finish and 115mm of cutting edge with thumb jimping on the spine and a rear glass breaker pommel giving the knife a truly superior blade.


The handle:


Carved from Jute Micarta, Micarta is a composite material, historically used as an electrical insulator. For several years it has been used in knife production for its very interesting mechanical properties. Low density, high strength and ease of use. Micarta can be shaped, sanded and drilled like wood but is impervious to the elements and makes for a strong, clean looking handle. The handle scales are attached to the blade by way of 3 Hex Stainless Steel bolts, with a green Micarta liner sandwiched in between.


In conclusion, a truly fabulous knife, with a top notch Kydex sheath and presented in a very high end box, and of course HYDRA stand over their work and as such provide a lifetime manufacturers warranty, so if its a proper knife for a lifetime that looks as good as it works because make no mistake this is a working tool first and foremost then this is the knife for you.

Buy it here from Knives Ireland.