Muela Knives – A review

Muela has been manufacturing handcrafted hunting and folding knives since 1950. It is a Spanish home brand that started from an artisan shop and is now producing a huge selection of various types of knives annually.

Muela manufactures some of the finest hunting knives and tactical knives globally. Their products are unique, durable, and trustworthy.

Their blades are made of the finest stainless steels and are produced with impeccable attention to detail, great detailing and technique born from a long history of making truly remarkable knives.

History of Muela.

Muela knives were founded by Eladio Muela in Spain, who created his first knife, a folding model, in 1950. It started as a home crafted knife make sold at an artisan shop.

However, the consistency and quality of the blades made it world-famous. Now, their products are distributed all over Europe, America, and other parts of the world. Muela knives from Knives Ireland


The method of Muela knives manufacturing is unique and exceptional. The blades are manufactured using different types of steel.

The steels they use are mostly 12C27 Sandvic, 14C28N, Molybdenum-Vanadium steel MOVA 60 with a hardness of 57-61 HRC, Inox steel 1-42 with a hardness of 54-58HRC.

The blades with the marking of 440 are made from the Mova-60E steel. They have a range of knives called Damascus Muela knives produced by combining  sheets of steel, RWL34, and MPC27, with a hardness of 57-62 HRC.

The handles used by Muela knives are ethically ornamented with high-quality deer stag, wood and horn. The wood is usually from olive, Africa Blackwood, Kingwood, Amazonas, Rosewood, Cocobolo, and walnut.

Product range.

Muela knives are famous for manufacturing hunting and folding knives. Their product range is vast, with unique names given according to the handle, blade, and steel. Some of their famous knives are Muela Pointer 12R and 12M, Aborigen, BW6C. Tuareg or Lakhota.

Their range starts from affordable knives to expensive premium quality knives. Their price range starts from approx €30 and goes up to €1000s.

Trust within the hunting knife community.

Muela knives are famous within the hunting community for their outstanding performance. Hunting knives produced by them are given special attention with blade design, detailing, performance, grip, and reliability.

Their red stag antler handles are world-famous. These knives come with a leather sheath with strong stitching, which never fails you.

These knives are known to get inherited by children and grandchildren , each Muela handcrafted premium knife being a knife that can be enjoyed for its aesthetic value while be a true working hunters knife of the highest order.