Legendary Hunting knives.

Legendary Hunting knives,
Of course the first knife that jumps to everyone’s mind is the ultimate all rounder thy name being Bowie Knife click here for more info on that,
There are others, below is a brief outline of some of the top knives of all time.

Yester year 1898 to be more precise, A man from Michigan namely one Webster Marble had a light bulb moment, previous to this pretty much any knife be it kitchen, butcher, diy job etc was repurposed for hunting, a special knife just for hunting and what better name to call it than the Ideal Knife. The Ideal had a 6 inch steel clip point blade { Clip point blades have the appearance of having the forward third of the blade “clipped” off}, stag or leather handle, aluminum pommel and double brass cross-guard and all for the princely sum of $1.25 with a production run from 1899 to 1974 truly worthy of the name legend.

Fast forward from 1898 to 1958 to meet Canadian knife genius one Dean Russell and the birth of the Canadian belt knife, a knife so good it has been endlessly copied by other knife manufacturers, the knife which is scalpel like in its efficacy has an elliptical blade and an instantly recognizable offset handle that was made from rosewood. The number one knife to this day for gutting, skinning, and caping {caping is the skinning of the head and neck area of game, generally to create a hunting trophy}.

Wind back a couple of decades to 1936 and Florida is the place where another legend is born, Walter Doane Randall aka Bo happened upon an unusual looking knife being used to scrape barnacles off a boat hull no less, intrigued and now the owner of said knife he went about tracking down the maker Michigan man William Scagel, whom would teach Bo in the ways of the knife and so Randall knives was born, while they produce many models the first and best is the Randall model 3, it is the bread and butter knife , heavy duty, all purpose and one of the most copied knives of all time putting this firmly on the legends list.

Now you would think that the mighty Randall model 3 could not be out done however an i caveat this with all things being subjective, the mighty Loveless Drop Point with an intriguing history to boot is a contender.

Between 1954 and 1960 a guy by the name Robert Waldorf Loveless produced his own copy of a Randall knife after being unable to purchase said Randall knife he went and made his own, which sold like the proverbial hot cake under the brand name Delaware Maid, fast forward to 1972 and Loveless would produce one of the finest knives ever made the Loveless Drop Point a masterpiece of simple effective design, using semi-stainless steel called 154-CM that had never been used before for blade production, tapered full tang given it virtual indestructible properties and perfect balance again copied beyond measure truly a genuine knife legend.