Joker Nomad Hunting & Survival Knife Reviewed.

Joker Nomad hunting & Survival knife reviewed.

Hands down some of the finest handcrafted hunting knives and survival knives around at the this price bracket. All full tang of course.

The Nomad comes in 3 different handle styles, two Micarta and one walnut.

With two sheath options, both high end full grain leather sheaths, option 1 standard leather sheath, option 2 leather sheath with a firesteel.

Both options come with 2 meters of paracord.

The walnut used is a fabulous Turkish Walnut which gives that timeless classic look which will easily last many many years.

The Micarta handles add a great natural feel and grip to the knife.

A beautifully balanced and weighted knife putting it more in the survival knives / hunting knives bracket more so than a bushcraft knife. The jimping is a great touch for that extra grip.

The blade is made from Stainless Steel: Böhler N695 which is an improved 440C stainless steel, BOHLER N695 is a conventionally produced Chromium stainless steel with high hardness, wear resistance and good corrosion resistance in the hardened and tempered condition.

Blade length is 12.7cm / 5inches / 127mm,

Blade width is 3.4cm,

Blade thickness is 5mm.

A handcrafted survival knife designed by hunters for hunters in the great artisanal knife tradition of Albacete Spain, combining the great traditions and skills learned over many generation's of knife making with the latest in cutting edge hunting knife production techniques. Truly an exceptional knife fully backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Not just a hunting and survival knife for a year or two but a beautifully crafted knife that will last a lifetime with the proper care.

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