Joker knives Ireland, a review

OK with Joker Knives being one of my all time favorite makers of hunting knives i have been looking forward to writing this review for some time.


So why a favorite you might ask, well first and foremost Joker is the quintessential Spanish hand crafted knife from the world famous knife making region of Albacete, the attention to detail on every knife, the clever use of various high end steels to deliver the right knife for a given job coupled with the knife finishing gives a truly exceptional knife at an excellent value for money price.


We will dig deeper into a couple of Joker knife models below to show you exactly what i mean.


But first a little background on Joker knives:



Joker Sporting Knives are craftsmen, manufacturers of Sporting Cutlery.


They produce a wide selection of fixed blade knives such as hunting knives, Bowie knives, sporting knives, tactical knives, rescue knives, hand carved knives, classic knives, hunting axes, viking knives, Arabic knives, and of course folding knives, pocket knives, bush craft knives, survival knives and sporting cutlery in general, for any given hunting, outdoor or sporting experience Joker has a knife for it.


Joker outdoor Knives:


The Joker Brand of knives is a world-renowned Spanish company from the town of Albacete.


Stemming from an area well known for exceptional craftsmen and master cutlers, Joker meticulously fabricates each knife by hand.


Since its foundation in 1987, Joker Knives has always sought to join traditional hand-craftsmanship with the most modern technologies into every one of its products.


Joker blades are hardened to a point that is easy to sharpen but still maintain a good edge after extended use.


Joker continues the proud traditions of Spain's cutlery makers with some of the finest edged tools available, as well as having one of the largest ranges of edge cutlery on the planet.


So at the beginning of this article i made quite the statement as to the exceptional quality of Joker handcrafted knives with the finest materials for very reasonable prices lets now show you the proof.


We will look at 3 knives from Joker, we will look at a Bowie knife, that superb all rounder and a long collecting passion of mine, we will then go to a hunting knife which can very much in this case also be called a survival knife and finally we will look at a bush craft knife.


First up the Joker Bowie 25 stag horn crown:


Lets look at the blade first before we get to that beautiful handle, the blade which is the classic Bowie clip point shape is a whopping 25cm or 9.8inches in length giving the knife a total length of just over 16 inches. The blade is made from Stainless Steel MOVA 1.4116 a steel which is known for being easy to sharpen to a scalpel like edge, with a stainless steel cross guard, a blade thickness of 5mm and width of 5cm and a Hardness: 55-57 HRC.


joker bowie knife


The handle made from stag horn is 16cm in length, now those are the specs and very good indeed however this is a knife that needs to be handled to truly appreciate its beauty, the natural grip of the stag horn, the perfectly weighted feel in the hand, then you can begin to appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of this hand crafted Bowie knife and here is the thing, all this and by all this i mean a Bowie knife handcrafted from the finest materials by master craftsmen in one of the most renowned knife producing areas in the world for less than 130 Euro, now maybe your getting a feeling of why Joker knives are a firm favorite of mine and indeed the clever purchase of many around the world.


OK a 16 inch Bowie is not for everyone and indeed can be too much knife for other hunting jobs, so we get to our next model.


Joker GAMO hunting knife:


While the Bowie above is the classic large hunting knife all rounder, the GAMO hunting knife from Joker is the classic mid sized all rounder hunting knife. It is a full tang knife some 10.6 inches in total length with a blade size of 6.1 inches, the blade made from Mova 1.4116 stainless steel with a width of 3.2 cm and a thickness of 3.7 mm, classic drop point shaped blade. The handle is made from red stamina wood.


joker hunting knife


The GAMO hunting knife from Joker is as adept on a hunting trip as it is camping, hiking, bush craft etc.


So again we have a hand crafted hunting knife with the clever use of Mova 1.4116 stainless steel making it a perfect survival knife for under 65 Euro, that's about as good a value knife as you can get.


But we are not finished yet we have done a large knife and a mid sized knife, now we will finish with a small knife, the ever popular Arrui bush craft knife from Joker now while these come in 3 sizes we will focus on the number 9, the smallest in the series.


Joker Arrui 9 bush craft knife:


The Joker Arrui 9 knife is a stylish multipurpose bush craft blade, as well suited for skinning tasks as it is to other in the field jobs. Full tang handcrafted knife from Joker.
The blade is 3mm thick and 10cm in length.The steel used is a high carbon, stainless steel 420.


joker bush craft knife

The handle is made from traditional Olive wood. The sheath is hand made from high quality genuine leather. ( all Joker fixed blade knives come with handmade leather sheaths as standard).


So here we have a handcrafted knife, high carbon 420 steel and olive wood handle from one of the finest knife makers in the world for less than 35 Euro.


Finally with Joker knives from Knives Ireland you always get a fine hand crafted knife at a price that is very very reasonable, so whats not to like, the knives sit as stars of any collection while being excellent tools of the trade, as always thanks for reading and feel free to share.