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Who are Hydra Knives?,

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Hydra may be a relatively new name in the world of knife making however their story does not start there, it starts with a group of employees who had been working for a major Spanish knife producer and as is what maybe an unknown about the top Spanish knife makers is that along with producing their own branded knives they make knives for many of the top luxury brands around the world, including many well known German and American brands, due to the unique skill set of Albacete artisans, knife manufacturers from around the world seek them out, the Albacete region of Spain is most certainly the powerhouse of quality hunting knives and survival knives production throughout Europe, American and beyond.

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So back to this group of employees, while watching the company they worked for make knives of huge renown for other brands their own designs while excellent in every way had a tendency to get bogged down in traditional designs and materials, with an extreme passion to open the worlds eyes to Albacete not just as a traditional artisan knife producing region but that they can and do make some of the absolute best knives in the world.

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So in 2017 this group of employees decided the time had come to put Albacete on the top step of global knife production and Hydra was born, with the absolute focus on the best designs, the best materials, the most rugged real world testing with special forces, the police, the worlds top bush craft and survival experts testing the Hydra knives to their limits and beyond, the care and thought that goes into each design to provide the customer with not just one of the best looking knives in the world right now, but the toughest knives made from the very best of the best materials, to be the best knife and the perfect tool that will last you the end user a lifetime.

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Let me digress here for a moment, i have handled a huge number of knives from many many brands over the years and my first experience with a Hydra knife was when i received one as a gift about a year ago from a close friend, what instantly struck me before i even got to the knife was the box it came in, a fabulous black box with the Hydra branding, i was itching to see what was inside i guess some boxes are just like that, so you open the box and the first thing you see is a testing slip of paper where the knife as been tested to ensure its scalpel like sharpness, peeling back the black tissue like paper revealed my new Hydra Openfield hunting knife, honestly i have never been as struck by a knife as i was that day, sitting there in the box it felt like looking at a Rolex watch.

The sheer quality of design just emanated from it, on picking it up it did not disappoint, the beautifully weighted Niolox SB1 Cryogenic Stainless Steel 60-62 HRc with the Blue Jute Micarta handle you knew then and there you where handling something very very special, could you find a better knife not just in that price bracket but above and beyond that bracket? in a word no. the design is just on a whole other level. After almost a year of use its still the favorite knife in my collection.

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Companies throw out taglines and sales blurbs all the time but Hydras "from knife lovers to knife lovers" is really everything they are about, their dedication and their focus is on producing the absolute best knives in the world, its a rare thing to see these days a company with such a focus on being the best and on you the end user, that's their Albacete heritage shining through.

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In summary whether your buying for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, when you buy Hydra simply put you are buying the very best, the most advanced highest graded knives in the world right now.

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