Cudeman knives - a background


Spain is not only famous for its culinary art but manufacturing some of the finest knives in the world too. One of their most renowned knife manufacturers is Cudeman.

They have been operating in the business since 1988 and deliver some of the best quality hunting knives on the market, with satin finished hollow grind blades as standard.

Cudeman hunting knives and pocket-knives are distributed worldwide through various platforms. They display a range of knives and blades that are known for not just their performance but also their design and technology. Cudeman knives on Knives Ireland.

History of Cudeman

The headquarters of Cudeman are in Albacete. Knife making is a tradition of their native land Albacete with many artisan workshops in that region. Not every manufacturer could maintain the consistency of delivering high-quality desirable products, however Cudeman is one of the few that were able to make their mark globally.

While other knife manufacturers failed to transition to global recognition Cudeman was able to win the hearts and minds of its customers by providing consistent state-of-the-art knives under their brand name.

Wide selection of knives

Cudeman offers a wide range of choices for knife lovers. Their categories include pocket-knives, hunting knives, daggers, Bowie knives , skinning, military knives, tactical knives, folding knives, and survival knives.

Cudeman provides a premium quality sheath as standard on all its fixed blade models with Kydex and complete sheath kits being added extras. The handles are made of the finest quality wood and horn. Stamina and Micarta, natural olive tree wood and bull horn or deer stag.

Traditional combined with modern technology – A perfect blend

Cudeman are very particular about the raw material and technology they use in manufacturing their products. From the highest grade steels right through to the hand finished detailing, truly a knife for a lifetime of work. Their Bowie knives are incredibly famous among their customer base, the 107M a personal favorite.

Not many providers have survived the competitive world of culinary art and craft throughout the world whereas Cudeman has thrived.