A review of our 9 inch rustic Hunter Knives.

While these 9 inch fixed blade knives are most certainly no 400 Euro FORGE DE LAGUIOLE, at 14.99 Euro per unit though these knives are pretty special, these knives they will stand up any day of the week beside hunting knives in the 50 or 60 Euro price range.


How so i hear you ask?, well put simply its the method and quality of construction, these rustic hunting knives firstly are made from Teak and stainless steel, these are full tang knives with the handles both pinned and expoxyed making them as tough a knife as your likely to find anywhere, length is approx 21cm, comes with leather sheath.

So how can we sell them at this price i know is your next question?, we purchase direct from the manufacturer and we purchase large volume, cutting out all the middle men or persons from the purchasing cycle which allows us to offer real value to you.

Couple this with our 14 day absolutely no quibble return, that’s how confident we are in the quality of our knives.