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Legendary Hunting knives

Legendary Hunting knives,
Of course the first knife that jumps to everyone’s mind is the ultimate all rounder thy name being Bowie Knife click here for more info on that,
There are others, below is a brief outline of some of the top knives of all time.

Yester year 1898 to be more precise, A man from Michigan namely one Webster Marble had a light bulb moment, previous to this pretty much any knife be it kitchen, butcher, diy job etc was repurposed for hunting, a special knife just for hunting and what better name to call it than the Ideal Knife. The Ideal had a 6 inch steel clip point blade { Clip point blades have the appearance of having the forward third of the blade “clipped” off}, stag or leather handle, aluminum pommel and double brass cross-guard and all for the princely sum of $1.25 with a production run from 1899 to 1974 truly worthy of the name legend.

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Making a Deer Antler knife handle

Deer antlers make stunning, sturdy and durable knife handles that will last many many years. Deer Antler knife handles make use of something that might otherwise end up discarded. the unique style of each handle makes a Deer Antler handled knife a fabulous gift for the discerning outdoors person in your life.

deer antler knife

They make excellent handles for rat tail or hidden tang knives as the slender tang marries perfectly to the drilled out antler.

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Specialised Fishing Knives

Why Should You Use Specialised Fishing Knives

Fishing is a commonly opted for activity that people do in groups or by themselves. It’s a fun activity that allows friends and families to get away from the typical routine life and enjoy the time in nature. While fishing is a great activity, you must follow certain rules that come with it.

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Top Tips To Maintain Steak Knives

Top Tips To Maintain Steak Knives
Everything that is not taken proper care of deteriorates over time. It maybe a surprising, but cutlery needs to be properly maintained too so it does not easily get rusty and lasts longer. Metal can turn delicate too; if you are not taking care of your cutlery properly then they will lose their integrity and turn dull over time.

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Hunting trip knife

The Most Important Equipment For Your Hunting Trip

Planning on going hunting anytime soon? There are certain things that you should be aware of before packing and going hunting. Various tips and tricks are available for you to make the most out of your hunting trip. Not only should you have the gear to hunt but you should also make sure that you have the post-hunt equipment. 

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